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Addtional topics on the Hyperacusis

  1. Hyperacusis
  2. Hyperacusis symptoms

Hypersensitive hearing can be caused by a wide variety of factors and in many instances hyperacusis is a secondary symptom to another condition. In most cases hyperacusis develops over time but in other instances some individuals can actually be born with the condition. SinusWars18 provides fast relief for extremely sensitive hearing whatever the cause of this condition. The list below covers many of the potential causes of hyperacusis:

  • Continuous exposure to excessively loud noise: this is the most common cause of hypersensitive hearing. This self-inflicted damage is usually done during our youth as we expose our ears to loud music.
  • A sudden burst of loud noise: at some point in our life we may be exposed to a sudden loud noise, such as a gunshot, that causes damage to our ear.
  • Ear irrigation: you may actually cause damage to your ear while undertaking this process.
  • Chronic ear infections: the continuous occurrence of infections in the ear can also lead to hyperacusis.
  • Surgery to the face or jaw
  • Meniere's Disease: it is an abnormality that occurs in the ear and is also linked to other ear conditions such as a vertigo and tinnitus.
  • Lymes Disease: this is an infection that one may get from a tick bite. One of the symptoms experienced may be hyperacusis.
  • Tinnitus: About 8% of tinnitus sufferers also suffer from some form of hypersensitive hearing.
  • Adverse reactions to medications: in some instances you may actually get a side effect of hypersensitive hearing when taking certain medications.
  • Head trauma: a sudden blow to the head can also cause damage to the ear. The sudden deployment of an airbag could result in damage to the ear.
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder: this condition occurs when there are a number of complex problems that occur in relation to the joint of the jaw.
  • Autism this is a brain development impairment and children that suffer from this condition often suffer from overly sensitive hearing.
  • Williams syndrome it is a rare genetic condition that causes both developmental and medical problems.


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